Addiction Medicine - Caring for the Mother-Infant Dyad

Date & Location
Friday, May 12, 2017 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM   St. Louis, MO


Location: Moulin Event Center

St. Louis, Missouri

  1. Organize a multidisciplinary team and write a policy to address the unique needs of infants and families suffering from NAS
  2. Identify mothers and infants at risk for drug exposure
  3. Pediatricians/nurses will be able to choose the appropriate medications and manage dosing to treat NAS
  4. Pediatricians/nurses will demonstrate how to perform an assessment of neonatal withdrawal using a standardized tool such as the modified Finnegan score
  5. Convey the importance of consistent non-pharmacologic care and how to best provide it in their nursery/hospital setting
  6. Integrate the care of the infant with NAS with the mother suffering from addiction to optimize outcomes for this mother-infant dyad
  7. Review the evidence to support breast-feeding for mother-infant dyads suffering from addiction as well as who is eligible
  8. Discuss the changing epidemiology of substance abuse in pregnancy
  9. Describe alternatives for treatment of narcotic-addicted pregnant women
  10. Recognize the reward pathway in the brain with respect to narcotic addiction
  11. Use motivational interviewing techniques for brief interventions for substance abuse in pregnancy
  12. Communicate the role of breast-feeding in medication-assisted recovery for mom and baby


At this time the rate of NAS has risen so fast in both the urban and rural populations. The current standard of care has changed a great deal over the past 10 years. The medical, social and non-pharmacologic management of these infants has changed dramatically and directly impacts the outcomes of these infants and their families. This course will provide information and education on how to best care for patients and families affected by NAS.

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